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And so with great naivety, a severe lack of experience & knowledge, and just a little enthusiasm, our inexperienced hero sets off on his journey. . Many trials lie ahead - Flames hotter than hell itself, code bugs attacking left, right and centre; Indeed, many have headed out into the unknown before, never to return.

This hero has a vision, a goal so wonderful that it surely is not technically feasible, let alone possible for someone of his experience, working on their own to ever accomplish.. But a vision should not be thrown away because at first sight it seems impossible - If our hero were to arrive at a raging river, would he give up his quest? return home a beaten man?
Perhaps he would build a bridge.

"What makes this particular hero so special?", you say? Surely many others have come with ideas that are way out of their league and proven how disastrous the consequences can be?

Our hero doesn't aspire to making a game like (eg "My FPS is going to be like half life 2. . but better!), he doesn't WANT to make a game everyone likes at all!
He wants to bring his ideas and imagination to life - and has decided that through a game this would be best achieved, rather than a book, or a picture, or a movie.

He is a humble sort, accepting criticism easily, well aware that the great knowledge of those who've been before him will be of use - at least sometimes. He is also aware that many people will try to trick and deceive him, derailing him at every opportunity to satisfy their own dastardly desires...

Sure, our hero's chances are slim, but perhaps if just a small bit of this magic he searches for was unleashed, the world would be a more enjoyable place to live in.

Aim high & Fail - The best way to learn is the hard way.

-On a less narrative note, I started this journal to track my progress all the way from knowing a small amount of programming and almost nothing about the directX API (which i've chosen to use), right through to when i realise my dream "game" that i have in my head (like that's ever going to happen!). This journal is as much written to myself as it is to anyone else - I love talking to myself when nobody's around (my sanity could be questioned I suppose...)

Obviously how far I get will depend on a number of factors, but I'm hopeful that I'll at least get through my initial project of building a basic 3d game engine. - As far as I see, the game engine will be much more of a challenge to program than the tools/games themselves.

My Background:
Programming (currently studying 1st year computer science. . . I must admit i'm repeating 1st year. . Its not so much an "im stupid" problem as an "im a lazy butthole" problem... or possibly the "to drink beer?, or to study?, that is the question" problem.

ANYHOW! Programming is my best developed skill as far as the range of things involved in game development. - I'll be trying my hand at a few of the others - mainly game Design, probably making a few basic 3d "props" to use until i can convince someone artistically talented to help me out.

Game ideas I currently have all have a strong roleplaying element to them, although I try to break away from the traditional implementations of RPGs on computer. - Particularly I want to avoid using a predefined systems and worlds such as D&D - I have my own ideas on these things.

I'm not too fussed about the latest graphics features etc. Apart from the fact my PC probably cant support them, I dont think theyre necessary to make a good game (although graphics that are believable do add something, theres no denying).

3 Games that have influenced my ideas most (in a good way):

FALLOUT 1 & 2 - These really are the metaphorical "sh*t" if you ask me. The only problem is coming up with an idea that doesnt sound like a ripoff of one of the two, but I think I have something >_>

Final Fantasy 7 - The story, the emotion, the music.. . The entire atmosphere was amazing, I've never experienced anything like it. I'm still undecided about the fighting system used in the final fantasy games, it has good points, and bad.

Eve Online - Pure open-endedness, excellent economic system. Also opens up the world of playing non-combat oriented parts of games. Although the actual game was a little too open and unstructured for my liking, there were so many features that made me think "cool" or "thats a better way of doing it than the 'traditional' methods used in mmorpgs".

3 Games that have influenced my ideas most (in an "i dont like that at all" way)

Diablo 1 & 2 - Click'n'Slash. I Never ever ever will use this type of combat in any game I produce. Ever.

Neverwinter Nights - The story was shockingly slow-moving, the Game/Rule/Combat system is far too clunky, the character development was too restricted (to the various classes) for my liking. IMO A class should arise out of what skills you have chosen, rather than the skills you are allowed being determined by your class. NWN does get some favorable mention for its small multiplayer servers and the ability to produce complex and varied mods easily.

Guildwars - Story even slower than NWN's, Practically no character development.

Anyhow. .
Jeez i've gone and written a bloody essay!

No chance i'm going to go back through and edit it all - so quit your whining and start answering all my noob questions!

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Welcome to Journal Land! (Hopefully I'll be starting one soon)

You sound a lot like me! Before I was finished reading it, I was like, "Ehh, did I write this in my sleep?"....

Well hey man, If you want to BS around, you can find me in many places! aim|aim marine, yahoo|ildave1, msn|dlmcgraw@ksu.edu

Take Care and Stay Motivated!

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