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Time to set myself some goals:

First things first, I'm going to need a game engine to build my games on.

I'll start by working through the book "3D Game Engine Programming"

-seems to have pretty much everything I need to get started.

Once I work through this, ill start over again and build my own engine, rather than use the one in the book - although im sure theyll turn out very similar anyway, it'll help to cement the knowledge and make sure im not just copying and pasting code without understanding it.

I'll hazard a guess at being able to complete the book and its tutorial before the semester ends (which gives me about 12 weeks).
I'd like to be able to have completed my own engine by then too, but thats probably asking for trouble!

On a shorter timescale, by tomorrow I want to have worked through the book far enough to have a renderer that will display a blank screen. (this is very reasonable...I think!)
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Yes, nice first post, and realistic goals mean rating++.

Welcome to GDNet+

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Quote from last entry:

Final Fantasy 7 - The story, the emotion, the music.. . The entire atmosphere was amazing, I've never experienced anything like it. I'm still undecided about the fighting system used in the final fantasy games, it has good points, and bad.

You obviously havn't played 9...


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