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Fun in RL.

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I didn't get a ton done tonight. I'm in the process of buying a house, so as soon as I got off work, I had to hurry over to the loan office and sign a ton of papers, then they got to tell me all the papers I forgot to bring and would have to bring them next time. Fun.

So after that I had to go get some groceries so I would have stuff to eat for breakfast till friday when I get paid.

After all that I was able to get into Torque2d and add the buttons to enter the game, and created the gui screen that will end up being the in game screen.

Next I need to come up with a series of messages to allow the server to push entity data down to the client, and some messages to allow the client to send action messages to the server (accelerate, decelerate, fire at X, etc).

I'm still fairly happy with the progress I'm making since I started this project in the beginning of this month.

Looking at what I have gotten done, and what I need to do before the game will be really playable, I'm realistically looking at another month and a half to two months of development. Somewhere in that time I also need to find a 2d sprite artist, or I might blind someone with my horrible programmer art.

Anyway, time for bed.
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