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The plot thickens...

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Today is shaping up to be just another day at the office. Wing 12 seems to be getting some major work. Saw people carrying loads of stuff there, and old dusty stuff coming out.

The plot thickens...

It's pretty much official now. We're being bought. Rumour has it there will be some sort of announcement on friday. Everybody i've talked to, they have no other news to share. Suits keep coming in and out, Spencer tells me, and he is pretty much convinced at least some of them are military, or of military backgrounds.

Due to the ammount of computing power at our grasp, it has to be some sort of intelligence agency. Argh, I just hope they don't turn a lot of the excelent simulations we're running here into some sort of spying on people's conversations, emails, etc...

Speaking of simulations, there is a new one starting out on Wing 11, a simulation of ants and their problem-solving behaviour. But I'm not sure they'll start it out today, too much noise from wing 12...

Let's see if James allows me to sit in on that one... should be fun...
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