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Quick ZnO/S Update

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Hi de hi all!

just a quick update on my editor.
I now have control over how the textures are presented on primitives. It took me about 3 hours to change the map format to enable me to change the coords on textures and to implement a feature to flip textures, change their coords ect.

So yet another feature is added.

I would like to add that my girlfriend (codename: Lazyfox) quickly sorted out some of the texture coords that were going wrong. So thanks LAZYFOX!!!!
I would like to point out that no she can't program, it was just easier to quickly draw a diagram and have her work out the coords while i worked on another aspect of the editor. But I would like to teach her how to program one day [smile]. I got her onto computer games and by god that was a task and a half[wink]

I would also add that she won a game on unreal tournament (for the first time)... in the words of 'Purepwnage.com'- she has uber-micro.
(Albeit on novice [wink])

over and out!
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