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A Clarification

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In my rant I wasn't ranting against people reinventing the wheel. I was ranting about people reinventing the wheel, having troubles and not showing the code. Though what I was actually thinking about were people using third party source code for their reinvention of the wheel and then not posting the source they used when they said they have problems.

For example: "I was using some article to make my own smart pointer/singleton/memory pool class and I'm getting compiler errors."

Oh, and while I'm in a ranting mood, let me add total lack of reading comprehension to my list of pet peeves.
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I figured that was what you meant. I've reinvented the wheel many a time, but it's those guys that say "hi2u ima making linked list and program crashes plz help kthx" without any further details that annoy the hell out of me. I've written about a thousand linked list classes (exaggeration, of course) in a number of different languages, could probably write one in my sleep, yet I have to tell this n00b "Sorry, I haven't a clue because you're an idiot." It bothers me. [grin]

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Possible Solution.
Create a article about what info to give when requesting and a few case examples.
Reply to the thread w/ said article.
Lock down thread w/ the notice.

There will always be idiots. Just gotta deal with it, and hit them upside the head w/ the learning bat.

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