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In so long...

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Oh man, it's been so long since I last updated. I'm trying, I'm trying. It's also hard to keep up with posters these days. It's almost like you need an hour a day just to read everyones entries. Journal Land is getting popular really fast! I would feel much better about this is more of the new guys had avatars so the front page looked prettier :(. But that's alright, you guys will catch up soon.

So anyhow, GREAT NEWS! Especially to my dudes at Multi-Agent. So I write up the level code, and after working though a few bugs, I finally got a structure up that lets me take a level, initialize it, set everything up, and run it for as long as I choose. Which means by duplicating this code, I can set up every level for the game. Which is so totally sweet, cause now I really have the core of the engine. Now all I need to do to is set up things like transitions and menues, and it's a straight shot to completion (well, by straight I mean I can finally lay down a firm chain of tasks needed right on to the end of the project).

So what I have so far is the following:

Oh yeah, screenies. What of, you might ask? This is the actual entire first level done in my programmer art. What is it missing, you might ask? Well... all of the enemies. There's the one more enemy class I need to write...

... and then I can plug all of the baddies in. Which shouldn't take too long. Man, it's long work making these levels though. Between designing, making the stand-in art, building the frame and initializing everything, I've got tons of work ahead of me...

... but this is a most important first step! This means that everything I want for this project is in my grasp. And me and Bruckner are currently working on the solution that will bring all of the miraculous art I need into play. Oh man, this is going to be great.

I've also been thinking of the way I'm going to get this out there and market it so I can sell a couple hundred copies. But that's in do time, I'll work with Jacob on that one.

So this is all great work. All you people out there better be reading this, cause I'm spending good time reading your entries!

Thanks everyone for reading, and more concept art I'm holding onto will be available for oggling tomorrow.


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Are the backgrounds(i.e the buildings) all one big image, or are they made up of something else like tiles?

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That's awesome. I like the color contrast (even though it's just filler, right ?) Keep up the good work !

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Thanks storm!

@Sapo: I have the stars printed one place, and then everything else is just all different peices that are both being drawn and are interacting with the player. So at any time I can shift a peice down some, change it's image, it's a really great engine. I'm thinking of making it available for a price when I release the game. Charge 50-100 bucks or something, ya know? I doubt there will be many takers, 1 or 2 if I'm lucky, but it's an idea.


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