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Change of plans

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With the next uni semester approaching, I've decided I really need to focus on doing well at my course, so rather than going and learning C++ I'm going to be developing my java skills further (which is what we're required to learn at uni).

This should be a much easier entry into games programming (well. . I assume so considering that java is generally less hassle than C++).

All you puritanical C++ zealots can stop banging on my door, I know I'll eventually end up there (unless something else comes along...)

So scrap all those previous goals I'd just set, I'll be looking at developing a 2D isometric RPG I think. (After I get some PONG happening of course!).

At the moment I'm trawling about looking for java tutorials - I haven't found much in the way of games programming so any links would be appreciated!

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I missed your last entry. Welcome to Journal Land! Rate++, and get yourself an avatar. They are teh awes0me.


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