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If there's one thing I'm really terrible at, it's making decisions.

I'm trapped in the middle of the age old war between C++ & Java; and whenever I think I've made my choice, the other beckons me to reconsider it.

I think I've finally realised that I want to use C++ ultimately for developing games and that java is really avoiding the inevitable. It might seem easier now, but its only wasting my time in the long run.

So C++ will be my vehicle of choice when it comes to games.

-I need to step back a bit though, put the game/engine/graphics programming on hold. - Its too much of a jump for me, looking at basic directX tutorials I realise I'm in way over my head, although I might be able to "understand it" at face value, its not the same understanding I need to *learn* it.

That leaves me with a pretty bleak few weeks. . at least it will lead to better things!

For the time being I'm going to go back to basics and learn C++ PROPERLY from the base up. . . this means spending all my spare time out of Uni staring at text output on Ye Olde command prompt .. . But its a price I'm just going to have to pay!


PS: Expect me to change my mind again 5 more times before I decide upon something.
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I'm trapped in the middle of the age old war between C++ & Java; and whenever I think I've made my choice, the other beckons me to reconsider it.

Heh, I had that same argument with myself a few weeks ago (and went with Java because I had previously said I would ... in a rather heated way [rolleyes]). My personal suggestion would be to have a project going in each language simultaneously. Sure, there's one project you'll be working on more than the rest, but the point is to not bind yourself to one specific language just because it's a game. The general mechanics of game programming (animation, timing, game loops, ect) can be applied anywhere, only the language specific implementations differ.

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Thats a really good idea actually, thanks!

Since I'll already be working with two languages at once if i chose to learn C++ (as i have to do java for uni) then it wont be much extra work to work with both in a graphical/game developing sense.


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I just consider the industries standard (as far as where "I" want to be) when it came down to learning a language.

My univ teaches java too, and I personally dont care to devote my time to the language. I'll focus my efforts on C++, however, I'm not going to half ass my classes just because they teach java.

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