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so, last night did not see the beginings of modification to the cinematic component.

Instead I found a very bad bug in the motion system.

lets say there is a script which has you go from point A to point B, then has you say somthing.

this script works normaly under most circumstances, however =)

if you are already standing on Point B, the motion system says the move cannot be done (even though you are already there), this results in the script waiting to infinity for you to move.

This fix was fairly simple, but took a while test for absolute correctness.

I have found !!!YET ANOTHER!!! save bug.

Not sure what this one is yet, since it occured just as i was about to hit the hay, but i managed to determine some things about it.

It occurs the first time somone dies, or rather, the first time an 'UnderSprite' (a dead body in this case) is placed on the map.

Like everything else, when the game is saved after this point the undersprite's serial and properties(i think) are saved.

Upon reloading the serial, it attempts to rebind this serial to the newly created sprite, however it seems that the sprite was not created, and thus the rebind fails, causing a cluster of the 0x0000005 kind =)

Some thoughts on what it could be:

-The object defenition isn't being saved:
Only objects which are marked as managed by the engine are saved, if an object defenition (type and current serial) is not saved it will not be reloaded, and thus cannot be rebound.

This seems to be the most likely canidate (only one I can think of at the moment), in order for this to occur the object would either have to be removed from the managed objects list, or never have been there in the first place.

I will have to wait until 5pm to figure it out =/
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