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Myopic Rhino


Damn I'm frustrated right now.

Two months ago, I hurt my shoulder while bench-pressing. It didn't seem too major, so I took some time off of weightlifting to let it heal, which has worked for similar injuries in the past. After a month, I tried benching again, and it immediately started hurting again. So I went to see my doctor, who ordered an MRI so that she could determine whether she needed to send me to an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist. I had the MRI the next week, and was told, both by my doctor and the MRI tech, that my results should be available in 2 days. So I call my doctor's office 3 days later (this was around the 4th, so I gave them a little extra time for the holiday) and I was told that MRI results typically take 3-5 days, and that they'd call me when they were in. A couple of days later, no one has called me, so I call back, and *this* time I'm told that it normally takes 5-7 days. I tell them that the number has gone up every time I call, and they just shrug it off. I also find out at this point that my doctor has gone on emergency medical leave (she's six months pregnant with twins) and they aren't sure when she'll be back, but the nurse will call me.

I wait a few more days, and still no call, so I call them again, and they tell me that the results aren't in yet. They also tell me that my doctor is now on indefinite leave. But they again reassure me that the nurse will call as soon as they have the results, which should be a day or two tops. Several days pass, and they of course haven't called me back, so I call them (this is last Friday), and they tell me that I've been handed off to another doctor since mine won't be coming back for months. They transfer me to his office, and they tell me that they don't have my MRI results yet, but that my doctor had called them specifically about me to tell them that it's urgent that they get a hold of me as soon as the results are in. They said that they had followed up with radiology and that they should get the results no later than Monday, and that they'd call me then.

As of this morning, they still hadn't called me, so I call them. They told me that they'd left a message for the radiology supervisor on Monday, and that she hadn't called them yet. I explained how frustrated I was that 3 weeks after my MRI, I still didn't know what was wrong with my shoulder or what my treatment plan would be, that every day I'm dealing with pain and restricted functionality (it hurts to pick up my kids), and that every time I've called, I'd been led to believe that I'd have some answers in a day or two, but that the only follow-up that had happened was because of me calling and nagging them. She basically brushed it off and said she'd call radiology again, and that was it.

I'm so pissed off about this. If I don't hear from them before I leave work today, I think I'm going to go by the clinic and stay there bugging them until they can read my freaking results to me.
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After pestering them for the past two days, they finally called me back with preliminary results. Looks like tendonitis in both my shoulder and knee (I didn't mention it earlier, but my knee has bothered me on and off since my 280-mile bike trip, so I had them check it too). I'm supposed to call them on Monday to talk about physical therapy.

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Yikes! Hope everything heals well! Those are some cruddy type of injuries to have.

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Can you not go to another doctor? I know that with my family doctor there are about 20 other doctors in the same building.

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Yeah, I could go to another doctor, and was very close to doing that. My concern was that doing so would cause at least an initial delay, and that it might thus end up taking longer.

In the end, once I got a hold of the nurse and told her how upset I was, she's been *very* good about following up with me. Since my post, she's called me a couple of times and gotten my voice mail, in which case she's left a message before trying my other numbers, and then called back a few hours later if she didn't hear from me. She's apologized profusely several times.

Anyway, as it turns out, the problem all along was with the radiology department. If I'd had to switch and get the MRI redone, it definitely would have taken longer.

Anyway, I now have an appointment with a Sports Medicine specialist, and since I know for sure what the cause is, I've been able to begin some self-therapy while I wait for my appointment.

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