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Half written articles

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So, for what has seemed like ages, I've had a bunch of half written articles that I've been meaning to submit to gamedev once I'd gotten them "just right". Needless to say, I've never gotten something to the "just right" phase, so now I'm trying an experiment. So for the near future Thursdays will be article day in my journal. I'll mostly finish an article, post it here, wait a week, incorporate the comments and then submit to gamedev.

Call it a get-off-my-rear-end approach to article writing.

Today's article is about iostream vs. iostream.h. Hopefully it has enough historical tidbits to be interesting to the experienced C++ programmer, but not too many so that it doesn't serve its core audience.

Next week is either the one on language independent approaches to class design or the one on using boost::python to embed Python in a game. I'm open to suggestions.
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Just a few grammatical things that bother me:


the original C++ compiler, CFront, and described in the first edition


to handle things such as determining

One of the things that concerns me about this article is that I'm not sure who it's gear toward. It reads like an advanced article and the migration example seems to hint that the article is for coders with at least some experience (at least enough to understand inheritance and perhaps virtual functions). However, the beginning of the article seems to imply that it is more for beginners. If the article is for beginners then I think the migration example might be far too advanced to be useful. If it is for coders with experience then I think the introduction should introduce the article as having information about migrating from old-style iostreams to standard iostreams.

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That's what I get for relying on spell check. :P

I see your point, but I don't want to get rid of the migration example, since that code is a relatively realistic example of what needs to be done to migrate code from the CFront library to the Standard library, and all things considered it isn't that advanced. It's nowhere near as bad as one of the virtual file system articles I saw, for example. I guess I'll add a few simpler migration examples before the current one.

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A very fine article! I'm behind the curve in terms of many of the most recent changes to the C++ standard, so I found this very helpful. I think the first simple migration examples work well if you're new, and I'd like to think the latter ones might actually be a help to newbies because it gives them a taste of things to come.

I like how you're really rigorous about citing your sources. It comes across as very professional. Looking forward to more! :P

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