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bad for your health

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As you know (or should know) work is bad for your health, especially the work we do.

I'm thinking of taking Aikido classes. I found this really cool school. It's not really flashy, it's in the middle of nowhere, it's in an old church, the boxing ring takes up most of the floor, and there are no membership contracts. It's kind of weird to walk into a church, go upstairs, and see weapons every where. Hmmm. I observed a class last night, it looks like a lot of fun. I may have to unlearn all the Taekwondo I learned for my black belt.
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I've found that un-learning stuff isn't really necessary, and that in fact some of the previous training helps rather than harms, as it conditions your mind and makes easier for you to grow accustomed to the patterns of combat, old or new. True, you do need to modify your instincts just a bit, especially in the case of hard-headed traditionalist teachers (fewer than one would suspect, I've found) who object to inadvertent slips into previous techniques. But I've never felt it necessary to unlearn anything when switching arts.

Aikido is a blast, though unfortunately my experience with it amounts to only a couple 6 hr. long seminars almost 10 years ago. My sister's husband has been taking it in tandem with tae kwan do for about 5 years now, and he routinely uses it to put the hurt on me. The bastard.

Have fun with that, man. [grin]

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