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Taglib-winport in source forge

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Well https://sourceforge.net/projects/taglib-winport/ includes my changes to make the taglib library more windows friendly.

I hope to incoporate the library in with a soundplugin for ogre, so artist data for sounds and music can be easily be got at and displayed in game. Will be useful immediately to credit my musician in game and display accurate song information.

Of course it also leaves the door open to custom soundtracks too, but I'm already probably spending too long on all this sound stuff. This weekend I hope to get something in place good enough to just sign off and continue with the visualation - which is important because... well my gameplay for this 4e4 thing is a little on the experimental side so I'm not actually sure if it will work.

Still no guts no glory and all that.

This competition has made it a little hard to concentrate on my day job, but I've had so many other things going on too that it's just one reason out of many. Still am getting stuff done, and this 4e4 stuff is def sharpening my C++ skills.

SourceForge and CVS had me going for a little while... TortoiseCVS was giving me loads of hassle - ended up using WinCVS to get stuff for that taglib thing in there properly - and that was giving me hassle to begin with.
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