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Behold the glass

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Hey all

I have been working on another feature on my editor.
I didn't quite finish off all the control over the texture coords yesterday so I finished it off and integrated it fully into the editor. I also added the feature to set transparency on polygons which is always good for glass and stuff.

So now I have full control over:

+ Change the texture image
+ Change the U/V coords of the texture by increments specified by you in the editor
+ Flip the texture on the horizontal axis
+ Flip the texture on the vertical axis (Heres were Lazyfox (my gf)helped work out the coord changes for me while I did other things. Shes becoming really useful [wink])
+ Increase/Decrease opacity of texture

I have yet to sort it so you can scroll the texture along on the either u or v axis.

Anyway, heres a quick screenshot of it all in action (sorry about the abundance of 'Orange' texture [smile]):
(Note: All textures used are single 256x256 textures- the tiled walls are from the coord changes)

As you can see, I have started to slowly texture up the level so its beginning to actually look like a level rather than a building site of coloured plywood.

Next to do-

+ Fiddle around with the texture controls a bit more
+ Add a lighting model (Still gotta read up lightmaps- I feel these will be a better idea than dynamic lighting)
+ Go clubbing in SlimeLight in London

Over and out y'all
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Thats a negative
I have not implemented much on my editor. Just your basic functions.

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