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3H-GDC Prize organization

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So far:
1 month GDNet+ from capn_midnight
3 months GDNet+ from Fruny
1 year GDNet+ or an Amazon item of equal or lesser value from Prozac
1 year GDNet+ or a programming-related book retailing less than $100 (wow) from kSquared
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Ok, lets make that a year from me too. [smile]

That way I don't have to sign up for Paypal.

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You have enough for 3 competitions Why not make it a recurring thing instead of giving away all this at the first week (eventhough offcourse the only price that matters is eternal fame [wink]) ?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Here's my ratings for the contest (1 is best, 8 is worst):

1. (DukeAtreides076) PirateBurninator - Really Fun: I didn't have too much of a problem with the pirate's speed, but starting easier and increasing difficulty might be something to consider. Burnination + Pirates = Win.

2. (endurion) Firefighting - Pretty Fun: Great setup, but the fun suffers a lot from the large number of falling TVs. If there weren't so many TVs, and perhaps if the hit detection was a bit better, this would be my first place pick.

3. (stro) Flaming Revenge - Pretty Fun: Pretty good, but there should have been more levels.

4. (MarkR) Hellfire - Pretty Fun: The first level went fine, but started to chug really badly on the second level, and the fire spread really fast before I could handle it.

5. (Zefrieg) Fire Wire - OK Fun: Even the revision still had the "warp" effect and boulders that buzz around at the top at the beginning. Once I got past that, sliding around was fun, but then I got hit by the corner of a round boulder's square hitbox and died. I haven't been able to get to any win condition.

6. (bitplane) Jump or Burn - Not Very Fun: There were constantly people jumping out of windows instantly, without showing up to give warning first. The fires in the windows seemed to be no indicator of whether people would jump from there or not. Even then, some jumpers were phantoms that wouldn't increase the score if caught and wouldn't take lives if ignored. I couldn't arrive at any kind of win condition.

7. (mike25025) Fire - Not Very Fun: Too many fireballs, and their hitboxes are too big. I never last more than about 15 seconds, and there's no in-game way to start a new game.

8. (Toxic Hippo) Burn it With Fire - Not Very Fun: The enemies approach way too fast, and I never last more than about 15 seconds

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Bah, I don't have an account, so I show up as anonymous. I'm the person who posted the previous account, and I'm Merlin2K on #gamedev.

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