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My boss/cousin started to lose his hair last week due to the chemotherapy, so to help him feel better about it, myself as well as a bunch of his other friends and relatives shaved our heads. I didn't Bic mine like some did, but I did shave it to the scalp with the clippers. It's starting to grow back now. Shaving my head was really no big deal for me, though, since I usually cut my hair pretty short to start with.

In other news, I've implemented roofs in Accidental 2, to eliminate some of the lighting weirdness that results when walls and complex structures are comprised only of vertical standing panels. Roofs are lit exactly like the ground, ie with a rectangle of 5x5 vertices, though of course they are not drawn the same.

Changing out Accidental's terrain rendering system has gotten me thinking about adapting some of my road/path stuff from Golem3D and writing an actual article on path construction and placement for Accidental. Can do far better paths with this method than with the old-n-busted method.

Was browsing the codebase for Accidental as part of these modifications the past couple of days. This sucker really is over-engineered for what it is. [grin] It's far closer to an actual game than Golem3D is, by a long shot. Maybe I ought to consider taking it all the way...
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Great pic man, I bought the eBook prologue for Knife of Dreams today for 3.50. It was damn sure worth it man! I'm actually aroused! It's a 143 pages, they aren't full size pages but it's still quite and undertaking. Go now, and buy it. Have a good weekend Bro. Willystickman

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