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Steady Progress

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Well I'm still charging on through C++, hopefully in a few days I'll get into the win32 stuff - I really want to make sure I've got it all down before I head into programming graphics/games after my initial blunder of jumping in at the deep end and drowning in code.

I've been trawling through the gamedev forums today, and alot of people have reminded me of things I'd almost forgotten about - Mainly SNES RPGs - When I think of them, it reminds me what got me into computer games in the first place, I still remember the first time I ever encountered an RPG - It was Secret of Mana, a friend had hired it out from our video store and we played it nonstop for days - I didnt reencounter this game until I was introduced to emulators (it was the last year of primary school, pokemon was the 'in thing' (this was the first time pokemon came out on TV and gameboy, and everyone without a gameboy had the emulator) *ashamed*).

Anyhow I've come up with a sort of "broad" goal - To bring back some of the feeling of SNES RPGs to games - not exactly, of course, things can be modified and updated (for one thing I don't think there was quite enough character development, and the worlds were not very 'deep') - but I think all the modern RPGs are missing something that these older ones had.
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