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Ok, well I spent most of tonight attempting to cut up large images into tiles so that I can use them as the background for my game. I finally ended up doing it by hand and created the tiles I needed.

So now Ive got the game loading, going through the login process and displaying the game screen with the background. I'm having a few issues scrolling it, so I've been reading threads on the torque boards. The documentation is almost nonexistant, which is kind of frustrating. Once I get the background to scroll, I'll enable to code that will allow the server to spawn entities on the client.

Anyone else ever hit road blocks using someone elses library/engine that you think should work one way and just doesnt?

Either way, I'm still way further ahead than if I had to write a client from scratch.

In other news, I got my partner who does the website design for the web hosting business I run on the side to make me some 2d graphics for the menus and whatnot in the game, so my horrible programmer art is living on borrowed time :)
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