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Well, I finally decided to support GameDev.NET! I scan these forums daily and I really enjoy the community, the helpfulness, and the spirit people have around here.

It's a very good decision on my part, and I will continue supporting this place until the day it fades (which is hopefully, never).
So, who in the hell is PixeledRAIN? Well, since your here, I'm assuming that you have some time to kill, because if you dont you may just want to leave now; I like to write. ;)

Since this is my first journal entry, I believe it would be fair enough for me to introduce myself to my readers and to give you a glimpse of what I plan on doing. So, consider this first post, 'About Me'.
About Me
My name is David McGraw and I reside within the lovely state of Kansas (... Until I can break out of this place atleast). The last four years of my life, I served within the United States Marine Corps (2001-2005(Camp Pendleton)). My jobs related to Security, Supply, and a ton of other things. My speciality was within Supply/Security.

I am currently attending Kansas State University pursueing a B.S. Degree in Computer Science. I am still tossing around the idea about getting a duel major, CS with Business or Mathematics(not my strong point at the moment. I wish it was). I absolutely LOVE business and programming, so to have both of the skillsets, it would be extreamly valueable.

My love for gaming came just like everybody elses usually does, normally the first time you set eyes on a game. I knew I wanted to develop a programming skill when I was a Freshman in high school, however, due to the lack of money inside my home, I couldn't begin right then. I ended up finishing high school a semester early to join the Marines, basically to earn the money from the G.I. Bill and to start/complete something that would build upon my credibility. It did a lot more than just that though.

Since I was in the Marines, I was considerablly busy the entire four years I had been in. So, due to the lack of time/stress, I couldn't even begin to attempt to focus on anything but what I was doing.

Well, Now that Im out, it is ON. I basically jumped ship and headed straight into a pile of books to gather anything and everything I can about programming. My first semester of college was last Spring (05) and all they taught was Java. I was pretty depressed about that, considering that I really wanted to learn C++. I really wasn't confident enough to learn Java AND C++ at the same time, so I held off.

Received an A in my Java class, Summer started and I began the introduction C++ course at www.gameinstitute.com and and a Maya course at www.gameversity.com I loved them both, but I got into the programming course a lot more. It tought me a LOT of basics.

During the summer, I collected a fair amount of books also.

Right now I'm reading, C++ Primer 4th Edition. I really like it so far.

My intentions are to learn the basics at a competent level, and then (and only then), I dive into a project. I am completely happy with learning new topics and I love what Im doing. The thing Im really wanting is a demo to provide to an employeer when I get out of college. Thats 3 years from now, so I have a lot of time to eat books to brew up some knowledge.

This journal is here for me to get to know the community and for the community to get to know me. Hopefully, in time, I can receive valuable feedback from people that will further assist in my endevors. Advice first hand is -very- good. This could also be easily used for Networking purposes. :) I LOVE to BS about game development, and I'm really ticked off that my school isnt more active when it comes to game development, so this is a way to fuel my passion.

If you like to BS, do not hesitate to throw me an IM or Email.

aim: aim marine || yahoo: ildave1 || msn: dlmcgraw@ksu.edu
return 0;
Well, You've succesfuly made it through my first journal entry (or you skipped down to the bottom), but aside from that, you've discovered a highly motivated individual that one day will produce quality programming due to the amount of detail he will put into anything he will ever do.

Take Care, and I hope you'll drop by soon (>reminder< bookmark).
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Welcome to journal land indeed. One more for the programmers side. Looks like you have alot of good things going for you, you have to keep up posted. In the mean time, rate++.


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Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to check out the newly established journal and throwing the ratings my way.

Since you all are supporters and I have not had the pleasure of rating most of you, here is your share of the rating too.

Thanks Everyone

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Welcome to the journals++.

I've always thought that if you're going to join the armed forces, the marines are the way to go.

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I've always thought that if you're going to join the armed forces, the marines are the way to go.

I agree with you there, not just because I am a Marine, but because if your going to do something in your life, why not go all out and become the best at what you want to do?

Now, to anybody out there that have been considering joining the Military. I only advise that you use it as a last resort! When all options have failed you (for whatever reason), then jump into the military. It is great, but honestly, if you want to be a programmer, work your ass off to be one and dont quit on yourself. If you lack money to get you into a good school and if you can not manage to get any loans/grants/mother foundation assistance, then I would go into the military. You will learn a LOT of things, and you will get plenty of educational benifets.

The only reason I say that is, If I would have thought more logical about what I -really- wanted to do, I would have went into a University. I busted my ass off inside the Marine Corps, but it put me drastically behind the technology curve and I knew from the beginning that I was not going to make a career out of it. Overall, it was a great experience and I received a LOT of leadership training... But, I wouldn't do it again. ;)

Programming Time!

Thanks goes out to all that serve (Even you all oversees!)!

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