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Things have been pretty busy lately, but it's finally starting to calm down and be normal again. I've finally been able to do some programming. There is no denying it. I am a dork and this is my life:

Hey, such a gift is blessing me in so many ways. Thank you Lord.

I've been redesigning my website too. I think in the end I'm going to render some 3d stuff and give those pictures to my friend who is really good at graphic design. But anyway, a couple prototypes:

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Dude, that Visual C++ Desktop image looks SWEET. How do you make it transparent like that. It's enough to make me want to switch out of Dev-C++.


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There are various utilities kicking around that will make any Windows window transparent (or partially so)... I don't think there's anything explicitly built into VStudio that will do it [smile]

My vote goes for:

I like the design for the menu in the bottom-left.

The first one is good, I quite like those designs with code in the background, but it's either a bit too subtle or a bit too distracting... I keep trying to read the code rather than the actual text/menu [grin]

The third one is better than the first, but I don't like the way that the ".com" is on a seperate line. Not sure why - just doesn't look "right" to me.


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I agree with jollyjeffers, that is the best setup and looks the most professional in my opinion.

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Thanks TraderJack, I like it too [grin] and as others have said, there are many external programs to control window transparency. I don't understand why they don't expose this feature, when it is supported and already built-in to XP.

I use Actual Transparent Window, but my trial version is almost up and I don't really like it. There's got to be a freeware program somewhere that does it.

And thanks for the comments on the designs. I think I like that one the best too. don't you think only programmers would try to read the code, jollyjeffers? :) but yeah, I like the second one the best. either way I don't think any of this is going on my site. My friend can do way cooler stuff.

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Thanks Rob, simplicity is key. I think the second one is as simplistic, though, but I do like the 3rd one second best :)

I'll post some of the designs my friend comes up with. He's really good.

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