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Alright, before bed

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Just a quicky (I always say that, don't I?) before I head to bed. So I've had a busy couple of days, and now that I've finally reached the weekend, I can start more major work on the project. Tomorrow I program a new type of enemy and then write them into the first level. Then I can do some heavy work on solidifying things. Mostly tweaking in game code dealing with attacking and damage, and the major part...

...which is completing things like game menus, the graphic interface, and the transitions between levels. And of course things like dying and such, but that's where the integration between the game code and the level engine all fall into place.

So anyhow, Bruckner is going away for virtually the rest of the summer, as is my girlfriend. Bruckner leaves tomorrow, girlfriend leaves Wednesday. So while Bruckner leaving reduces my source of art for you to oggle, and Alix leaving reduces my overall level of esteem, I do have more time (then just the normal majority) to work on production. So I guess overall this is a good thing for developement.

I've also decided that I'm registering Pighead Productions as a DBA (Doing Buisness As) company. I need a legal body to which I am to hold copyrighted materials to and for which I can operate, use a taxshelter, create e-commerce accounts with, get acccess to special Developer-Zone SDKs for various platforms, etc...

Oh, and before I forget...

Just so you have something to see. This is going to be the little helicopter unit that flies overhead in the first level (and maybe a later level). It is not determined whether it will shoot yet. Probably not in the initial demo. It will piss you off, however, if you wish to move across the tops of buildings. Like that little vehicle that runs along the ground.

So anyway, it's off to bed. Lots of programming tomorrow, so I'll make time for another entry. And shout outs tomorrow too! And talking about what I think of my fellow GDNet+ers.


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Looking good man, cant wait to play the final game. How is the engine set up to add new enemies? Are they hardcoded into the game, or is there somesort of scripting? Just curious.

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girlfriend leaves Wednesday

Wait... As bad as it is to see the GF leave, I personally enjoy all the time I can CODE, CODE, CODE, and not be bothered. ;)

So.. >cough<... UP that Moral!

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I soooo want one of these for christmas. It'd probably be a lot better than the RC vehicle I got last year...


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@ildave1: Yeah man, making the best of it!

@Neil: Lol, didn't you make that model yourself a few months ago?

@Sapo: All I have to do is pick enemy type, his graphic, and any other little details and plug him in at his x,y coordinate. It's a great system. For example, if I want to make an enemy at coordinates (10,0) who patrols back and forth between two given points on the x (I'll pick 0 and 40), I pick the 'patrolent' class I made, give him a bitmap (lets call the bitmap entimage), declare him in the level header with:

patrolent this_enemy;

and plug in three lines.

I put him in level1::startup() with this initialization line:

this_enemy.init( 10, 0, enemypic, 0, 40);

Put him in level1::draw() with this line:


And so he runs, I put him in level::run(); with this line:


So I just declare an array of them for each level, I have a line for each one's initialization, and then a for() loops to move and draw them all. So it's a very customizable engine from which I can just add any enemies I've forgot in less than a minute, or tweak enemies I've miss placed. I also write my code in a very orginized, easy to locate fasion.

Hell, I should Ctrl+C this into my next entry :-).


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