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I decided to get part of my usual sunday crap done tonight instead, so that I can spend all day sunday working on the game. So I went out buying groceries, etc.

I coded in handling for the new messages on the T2d c++ side. I also coded in part of the player creation bit on the torque script side. The scrolling star background looks pretty slick, although I need to recapture the textures and touch them up a little. It still looks pretty good in motion.

Tommorow I'll make the server send the player create message to the client, and have the client spawn the sprite. Then I'll need to code some of the key commands on the script side so I can accellerate/decelerate and turn left and right. Once I get that working, Ill have the client send the commands back to the server, and have the server return the updatepos message to the client. Once I get that, Ill have moving players.
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Cause if you're gonna update so much, you want to have something to wear so that you aren't stuck with the ugly

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