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Happy Anniversary to me!!!

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It's my wedding anniversary today!!! 12 years married although 22 years together as man and wife...

We're taking the family to a deep sea aquarium (no! - not to feed them to the sharks!!) and have a big slap-up meal later.

Marriage is fantastic!!
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Thanks guys :)

We had a wonderful day. It's the first time we've been to St. Andrews Aquarium and we were a wee bit dissapointed at the size of it though - it's tiny!, although the website makes it out to be quite a big place with plenty of animals for the kids to hold - unfortunately, due to health and safety, no handling of small crustaceans was allowed. To make up for it, we scoured the rockpools nearby and saw quite a few little creatures before the tide came in and we had an absolutely fabulous meal at a wee place called 'Kirbys'...mmmmnnnnn, really stuffed now!.

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12 years married although 22 years together as man and wife

Funny, I thought you had to be married to be called man and wife.

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