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Girls are puzzling

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Ahh, the wonderful world of girl ownership. A big step in the life of a young girl is when she gets to choose and put on her own clothes. It's a cherished freedom, so you've gotta work with 'em on it because kids don't like having their freedoms questioned.

So Maggie's currently walking around with an orange tank-top, pink shorts on backwards, and pink rain boots. When I pointed out that her shorts were backwards, she insisted that she likes to wear 'em that way.
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Yup, "I meant to do that" sounds better than "I put my shorts on backward!"

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Maybe she's a trend-setter... Working on introducing new and original styles to the world? [smile]

I'll bet you that this time next year everyone who's "cool" will be wearing their shorts backwards.


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Pssh, tell her she's behind the times, i've been wearing my shorts backwards for years! Well, not really, I only wear long pants, but they're not easy to wear backwards.

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You should put your shorts on backwards, thus invalidating the trend.

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Already been done, yo!

...Warm it up Kris, I'm about to... Warm it up Kris, kuz that's what I waz born ta do.

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