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If you have been reading the lounge for the past couple of days, you would have noticed that there are about half a million threads about the name "Windows Vista" in there.

First of all, I would like to use this opportunity to say you guys are stupid, but that's nothing new.
Secondly, lay it off with all the jokes "How many engineers did it take to come up with the name?"
Let me make it clear: Engineers don't select the final name for products, the sales and marketting people do.

Also, JohnB nicely reminded me that my journal has had exactly 512 replies by now. Which means soon I will be entering the list of top threads and join our friends Hattan, TAN, mushu, and the other guy I forgot...
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I started the first thread. Makes me happy. How do you check your number of journal replies?

When you bookmark a journal (click on 'track this journal' link under the calendar) you see the number of the replies in the bookmarks list.

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Thanks, I should be #25 in the list now.

At least I didn't cheat like Mushu, who made over 200 replies to his own entries just to get in the list.

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