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Read, Code, Paint.... Read, Code, Paint

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C++ Primer 4th Edition
Today was a great day. It was so hot outside (nearly 105 degrees), that I just kept my ass inside and read on into my C++ Primer 4th Edition book. I am loving this book so far and I am only on Section 3.4(getting rdy to jump into Iterators)!

Laptop >cough< Makeover
So. About two days ago, I almost gave my mom a heart attack (Yeah, Im living at home for the summer... Saving some money for next semester up at K-State), when I took my laptop into the kitchen, and commenced a thourough disassembling process of my laptop that she had bought me for a graduation gift, 4 years ago. :)

Phase 1 went very successful(Taking the sucker completely apart), and today I jumped into Phase 2, Priming.

Here is todays progress:

Phase 3: Painting, Will start tomorrow. I will lay down the first coat of paint once I make sure that all of these parts are good to go.

This is my first time ever disassembling a laptop completely AND painting, so I am getting a double whammy here. We will see how it goes.

If your curious on the paint layout, I'm planning on painting the entire case metallic blue, and I am HIGHLY considering putting a decal/graphic on the lid. I'm not quite sure what though. It could be my PixeledRAIN logo, or something directed towards game development.

PixeledRAIN Logo
Late last night I put together a couple of logos that will be included into any indie game that I develop in the future. I'm no graphic artist, but it will do. I figured its better to have a plan now, then to wait until the last minute.

Rendition 1:

Rendition 2:

Rendition 3[Added Late]:

return 0;
Well, hope you got a kick out of seeing my blown up laptop. I'm going to hop back into this book for a few hours and surf gamedev.net some more.

Until next time...
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Dude, nice logos. What kind of games do you want to develope. And do you have a DBA or buissness license yet?

EDIT: Oh, and dude, that's not a great book :/. Check out some of the online C++ tutorials, namely cplusplus.com. That's the one that tought me. It's more for learning how to program than learning the language itself. But if you like, it by all means! Oh, and about what kind of games to develope... what kind of tools (IDEs and APIs) do you plan on working with?


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Hey there TraderJack!

Well, considering that this is a -VERY- early stage in my game development path, no I have not filed for a licence or commenced a DBA. I just dont intend on selling anything just yet, I'm just having fun with what I love to do and as for protecting the name, Sure, thats a good idea -- May want to do that... :)

As far as the games! Games Games Games! Mind you, I love all game and as a short term development path, I will develop anything that comes to my mind that sounds good or, if I join a team, whatever the focus becomes. In a long term position(my own company), I want to develop Role Playing OR Simulation Games.

But... Like I said. It's real early and who knows if I (Or a team that I join in the future) may think of an awsome way to put together a FPS game. Bottom line: If it feels right, I'm Game. :)

Right now I code in Visual C++ 2005 EE and that will remain.

As far as API's. I'm not completely sure on the route that I will take. Right now, Im getting a solid feel for the concepts that C++ gives. Most likely I'll start with SDL and then jump right into OpenGL. I'm open to suggestions.

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What are the specs on the laptop just out of curiosity and what will you use it for after you are done painting?

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SDL is great. I use Allegro, and if you were interested in using Allegro as a 2D API, I would be able to provide you with every neccesary resource you need to get started making 2D games. If you're interested in SDL, talk to Stompy. He just made the switch from Allegro, and he seems to like it alot, so he'd know alot about that. For OpenGL, just check out NeHe. Great stuff, and now Gamedev has aquired it. Anyhow, it's late, I need sleep.

Catch you tomorrow.


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1Ghz, 256MB RAM, 20gb HD.... :X

I use it when I go onto campus and pull all nighters in my girlfriends interior design classroom and just to have it in class so I can jot down notes (or surf the internet. :) )

I keep my desktop up to date for all of my mind-bending needs.

PS: I just added a new Logo that poped into my head when I was trying to code an exercise. Can I get by with that since im clearly not calling it 'pong' or anything?

Allegro is another that I could possibly start with if it wasnt for people giving me bad reports about it (ie: really hairy, difficult to learn, etc)

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I learned with SDL , and then moved onto OpenGL, and IMHO that's the way to go, although I never have messed with Allegro before.

BTW, cool logos, mine isn't the best right now (I hope Mark the Artist didn't read that).

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