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Butterfly #225

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EDIT: Restarting the numbers was a bad idea. This post is really #225 (I didn't bullshit that one ;) if you don't count the deleted ones. With the deleted ones, it'd be somewhere between 227~230 [wink]

  • Random Observation of teh Day!
    Johnhattan hax. it is teh only way[wink]

Okay, so I got yelled at at work. Apparently, you're not supposed to randomly clock in and work whenever you feel like it. Now I know not to come in early. (and ouch, the 4 extra hours made my ankles feel like SHIT!)

Oh, and the Borders near my house didn't have BOGLGP in stock. So I ask them how long it would take for me to order it. "Oh, it'll take at least a week, but that's before delays". Oh, okay. You just lost a sale.

Yay Amazon + GDNET+ benefits. I'll order it tommorrow or something, too lazy to type "amazon.com". Well, too lazy to type it in the address bar. And then search the book, then click the "add to cart", and, well, you know.

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I'm going to work some more tommorrow, probably implement a terrain class or something of that nature. Hopefully I can crank that out easy enough. Hopefully. [wink]

Because I have a direction I'm headed with my OGL work. Not grand scale or anything, just varied things that can be contained within the scope of a single simulation. I can't wait!


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Guest Anonymous Poster


You are the dude, Lebowski. Let's go bowling.

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