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Alright...I'm actually 95% done putting ragdoll physics into my game!

It looks absolutly amazing. If you hit a dead body with a vehicle, the wheels hop over it (you can actually see the wheels turn faster when over a body, due to the loss of traction) the suspension reacts very realisticly as well.

Sometimes the vehicle drags the body then spits it out the back....the body comes to a stop after rolling violently for a bit...It's gruesome :-D

When I first saw this in motion my jaw dropped, I couldn't believe how awesome/nasty it looked. I'm going to add blood and stuff to further the effect, and really push it over the edge :-) muhahaha.

Ah yes, here's a little teaser :-D

I'll definantly post a video once it's done.

I've still got a few kinks to work out in the system, the ragdoll's skeleton isn't being generated 100% correctly, once I get it all polished I'll post a visual history of the 2-3 days I spent working on this. I've got a lot of images of various stages of the ragdoll implementation, including some images of totally incorrect ragdoll implementations that had interesting side effects....

Also I'll post how I solved all of the problems that come up with integrating a ragdoll physics system into a game (blending animations with ragdolls, generating skeletons, types of rigid-bodies to assign, types of joints, the list goes on and on...)

The physics library I'm using (Newton) has a containter for ragdolls, it's bascily a collection of related ball-socket joints. It really works well, so all the information will be very helpful to somebody trying to do this with Newton.

To summarize: Ragdolls are the coolest things ever, I think every game should have them. A random splurge of ragdolls falling down at the most in-appropriate of times could really raise the fun-factor of any game. At least that's my theory ;-)

- Dan
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Simply Amazing. Keep up the great work. :)

Can we trade brains for awhile? I wanna code like that for awhile! >attempts to catch up!<

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mmmm...After many sleepless hours it's 9:30 AM now :-D Ragdoll physics are complete!

- Dan

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