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A Step Forward?

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Started working on OBJ and MLT loading. Want to do a little test to post here and see what kind of performance most people get with ~300 poly'd ships on the same screen. I wanted to get that done several nights ago, but got busy with other things.

Tonight I was looking at the MeshFromOBJ example in the DX SDK. Found an issue where Wings3D exports OBJ files w/ two slashes instead of 1 for it's f (face) listings. Changed the loader to accomadate this oddity.

Unfortunatly something else funky is going on w/ the UV cords, also for a 600 poly object, it is rendered at an abismal FPS. I'm pretty sure I can fix the UV cords tommorow once I get a chance to look into it, but any suggestions about the low FPS?

A Step Forward?

Edit: And why the hell who ever programmed the example felt compelled to use wifstream over ifstream on a file that is defined to be ascii as part of it's standard. Not like it really matters but why?

Double Edit: Hmmm this is the most I've ever posted in this in a single month.
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