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Progress Report

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Well uni goes back tomorrow, but I dont think that will slow me down at all since I havent really been spending much time lately on programming/learning.

I've been making good progress and am alot more confident with C++ now, I think I'm ready to move up another level - so today I downloaded SDL and grabbed a good tutorial for it from here:


Won't have time to get started on that tonight, but from the code snippets I had a look at it looks like the logical next step for someone getting into game programming.

Outside of programming things have been looking up as well - I'm an amateur DJ (anyone got any ideas for a name?)and things are really starting to fall into place with my mixing - so I should have a demo that im happy with recorded in a couple months.

For anyone interested I play hardcore (I guess you could call it 'techno' if you didnt know any better. . its not but I wont go into the details here.)

Anyhow keep producin them games I need to see people succeed to keep me motivated!

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LOL, thats a good one Jack. I was going to suggest something random like PocketLint or something, but I like TraderJacks better.

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