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Combat System

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Been thinking about the DD combat/statistics...

Fighting Fantasty books have three stats: Skill, Stamina, and Luck.

The activities I have that will need attribute checks:

Finding secret doors
Picking Locks
Finding traps
Disarming traps
Searching for hidden items in a room
Avoiding the damage from traps
Fighting Monsters

Picking Locks, Disarming Traps, and Fighting Monsters all fall solidly under "Skill"

Avoiding Damage from traps falls under Luck.

Finding Secret Doors, Finding Traps, and Searching for Hidden Items don't fall under either, and so I'm thinking about adding a "Perception" statistic.

Rolling up a character:

Skill: 6+d6
Perception: 6+d6
Luck: 6+d6
Stamina: 12+2d6

A "check" of a statistic consists of rolling two dice, and comparing it to the statistic. If equal or less, the check is "successful". If greater, failure.

A 2 is always successful, a 12 always fails.

A monster will have an Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Perception, Damage and Stamina.

For a character, Skill works as the basis for both attack and defense. Weapons add to attack skill and damage(base damage for a character is 1), and armor adds to defense skill.

Combat works a little differently than a skill check:

First, the combatants roll initiative (2d6+Perception), whoever has the greater roll gets to go first. Re-roll ties.

Next, the attacker rolls 2d6+Attack Skill

Then the defender rolls 2d6+Defense Skill

If the attacker has a higher number, then damage the defender according to their damage value. Defender wins on ties.

Switch and do it again until one combatant is dead or the character runs away...

If the character runs away, the creature gets a bonus whack against the character, probably at a bonus, or maybe even automatic hit... I'm not certain yet...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Y'know, Dungeons of Daggorath is 23 years old. When does it have to renew copyright?

If the answer is "a long time", just take out a "g" and go with "Dagorath". I've got a couple of pals still at Tandy, and I think the last thing on their minds are making sure there are no Daggorath clones.

Actually, it's "Radio Shack" again. The Tandy name is now relegated to their leather shops.

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