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The salad bar olives are staring at me

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I've gotta watch what I say, because I'm being monitored.

No, really. There's a guy monitoring this journal looking for stuff that he can use against me.

No, really!

I'm serious!

Anyway, if you want him to read your stuff too, just post a comment. His name is David. Tell him hi.
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ok I'll bite and happy Sunday!

Hi David! How are you today?
Why are you monitoring The Code Zone Developer Diary?
Do you have ill intentions?
Perhaps you should look into my eyes....you are getting sleepy....you will stop monitoring John's journal when I finish counting....9....you are forgetting about your problems....8....7....6....you are relaxed and happy to be alive....5....4....3....its almost time for you to go now....2....1....bye bye David.

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Heh, this could be fun.

David, bavid, fo-favid,
fa-fee-fi-fo favid

It's not fair. John's bigger'n me and he's got a stalker, and I got was this lousy t-shirt.


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Wouldn't David just have to look through the archive for incriminating evidence?


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This David fellow sounds like bad news. You might want to invest in one of these. [wink]

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