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The race

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Last night I finally entered at the bottom of the list of 25 hottest topics. I might have been knocked down by now, though.

I have the new iPod photo, it's simply amazing. Very nice graphics for a device of this size. Though, it has already crashed on me once, which was pretty much my own fault anyway.

The only thing I don't like about it is that iTunes automatically installed QuickTime on my machine. Now, I had been QuickTime-free for over 4 years. Yes, I have refused to install quicktime for 4.5 years simply because it was one of the most horrible software that I had ever seen, trying to hijack everything on my machine.
This time was a bit surprising, apparently they finally improved it in the past 4 years, and it actually asked me if I want it to hijack all the files, browser, systray, and a million other things. I told it 'no' on everything, and I was surprised that it only left its filthy trace on a local machine startup registry key, which I managed to remove with no problems.
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Even though it doesnt hijack everything without your permission now, the program is still horrible to use although it has gotten slightly better.

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You can change out iTunes for Ephpod under Windows, which is (I'm told) an adequate substitute. I believe WinAMP 5 now has the ability to yammer at your iPod as well.

I'm glad you like yours. [grin] Have you gone to the debug menu yet? Hold down menu and select to reboot, then as the Apple logo comes up, hold down previous and select to get into the debug menu.

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