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3h gdc m.ii

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holy fucking shit. i crashed and burned on this one. the idea i had was to have a top-down(-ish) tilemap of grass tiles. at the start of each level, some number of tiles are burning. your avatar moves around with the arrow keys and shoots water (as from a hose) with the mouse. you use the mouse to point at where you want to spray, and click. the water sprays at a constant rate, and the further away from your avatar you spray, the longer the water takes in its arc to get to its destination.

the game had promise in its premise, at least to me. execution of the project under the timeline was horrid. i didn't plan my efforts out at all. the biggest failure i had was that i concentrated on the wrong thing to start - i should have started by setting milestones and then built one off of the previous one. instead i struggled with dynamic allocation of 2d arrays, before i even had my avatar onscreen and moving.

doing this under the pressure of the 3hour time limit crushed me. i'm used to not having any worries at all. i'm still struggling with what an utter failure this was, but i'm coming away with it with a new perspective on some of my strengths and weaknesses.

the final verdict:
1) i should have planned this out better.
2) i shouldn't have tried coding methods i'm not comfortable with yet
3) the game idea was solid and could have even proved fun

i'm not giving up on this project, though. i knew exactly what i wanted out of it and when i'm not under the crunch for work or RL stuff, i'm going to give it a go. hopefully that'll be tomorrow.
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