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Ragdoll Physics Videos

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I've got 2 short test videos showing the vehicle/ragdoll physics. The vehicles are pretty much done, and I've still got some tweeking to do on the ragdolls, in these videos they're pretty stiff to test the stability, I've already added realistic rotation limits onto the joints since I made these videos.

Check 'em out! (I guess you need a DiVx plugin to see them? www.divx.com)

Note the suspension in the first video as the Range Rover runs over the dead bodies ;-) That's my favorite part.

http://www.radioactive-software.com/gangwar/GangWarPhysicsEarly1.avi - 9 MB

http://www.radioactive-software.com/gangwar/GangWarPhysicsEarly2.avi - 17 MB

Police Car doing burnouts in a parking lot, here's a preview image:

http://www.radioactive-software.com/gangwar/GangWarPhysicsPolice1.avi - 11 MB

And a longer video showing more of a gameplay situation, fast driving/turning, also showing the different handling of 4 different cars.
http://www.radioactive-software.com/gangwar/GGangWarDrivingTest1.avi - 35 MB

The framerates could be better, but my damn computer slows down whenever I try to record a video :-( This also causes some physics inaccuracies, but it's not too bad.

- Dan
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ROFL! I -must- say, thats F'n awsome. I love how you just drag a dead body, then you run over them. Eeek.. Im sounding like a psycho! Look what your doing to us!!! LOL!

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A pornographic minigame....hmmmm........with ragdoll physics?! Sounds like a winner to me.

The intro to my game will just be two ragdolls dry humping for 20 minutes.

Now that I think about it...I could really make some funny videos with these physics. lol...I'm tempted to spend half an hour playing around. But with the recent GTA-related events, I don't think I want to even try it lol.

...but it would be funny as hell

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Yeah... Dont go adding any cheatcodes that'll turn your players into blow up regdolls with hoo-hoo's and ha-ha's....


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Heh, all I gotta do it apply a force at the point you shoot the character, and then I'll have realistic death anims :-D That's the missing part of the ragdoll equation right now.

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