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Butterfly #226

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    3D + GL_QUADS == OH SHIT!<--realized this over dinner

I'm trying to implement a heightmap thingamabobber for my OGL "demo" (persay, I'll be using it to get accepted into research projects as a low-level coder) and I realize that frickin' quads HAVE to have coplanar vertices to render right, because frickin' OGL handles them weird.

Hense, all quads are now normal triangle primitives. Whoo. Now to load a heightmap from an image (shouldn't be too hard, <3 SDL)

Oh, and PIES.
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Yeah, its kind of sad isn't it? I've seriously run out of things to post about [headshake]

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I keep telling you: either post about Final Fantasy or my upcoming game, "Generic Fantasy Quest".

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Okies, I'll get around to it eventually (read: tommorrow or something)

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