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I know I'm not one of the judges, but I'll put in my two cents anyways :)

1) Endurion
2) MarkR
3) Hippo
4) stro
5) DukeAtreides076
6) bitplane
7) Mike25025
8) Zefrieg

Fwiw, I'd LOVE to see those top 4 be more fleshed out. They were really fun and with more time they would be really excellent.

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1. MarkR (helifire)
2. Endurion (untitled)
3. Bitplane (Jump or Burn)
4. Stro (Fiery Revenge)
5. DukeAtreides076 (Pirate Burninator)
6. Mike25025 (Fire)
7. Toxic Hippo (Burn it with fire)
8. Zefrieg (Fire Wire)

If you ask me a couple days from now, my ordering may change (in fact, I might come back and change it until capn_midnight declares the voting closed), but heh, I've agonized over the decision long enough, I think. [smile]

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1. Stro (Fiery Revenge) - BURRRRRRNNNNNNNN
2. DukeAtreides076 (Pirate Burninator) - their ships a-splode! \o/
3. Toxic Hippo (Burn it with fire) - shoot shoot fun!
4. Bitplane (Jump or Burn) - blarg, the mans don't move fast enough!
5. Mike25025 (Fire) - not much to this one

couldn't get to work for various reasons:
-1. MarkR (helifire) - webpage games using arrows scroll around, rendering unplayable
-2. Endurion (untitled) - couldn't get the man to move
-3. Zefrieg (Fire Wire) - crashed on open (too bad, <3 alleg)

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After some heated debate, I've decided on these choices. I hope they're not too incendiary.

1. MarkR [Hellfire]
2. Endurion [Untitled]
3. Bitplane [Jump or Burn]
4. DukeAtreides076 [Pirate Burninator]
5. Mike25025 (Fire)
6. Stro [Fiery Revenge]
7. Toxic Hippo (Burn it with fire)
8. Zefrieg (Fire Wire)

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