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my wallet hurts.

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I just ordered an AOpen GeForce 7800GTX. It's PCI-Express so I won't be able to use it once it arrives, but there's some kind of comfort in not making single purchases greater than GBP400. I'll figure out a new motherboard and processor after it arrives.

Oh, and a 46-cm SATA cable.
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I won't be able to use it once it arrives

You must have a lot of willpower/discipline. Having a 7800GTX and *not* being able to use it would drive me nuts [headshake]


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*shrug*. I'd have been getting both eventually. Makes little odds as to the order in which I do so.

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Except, of course, that by waiting until you could afford both at once could have saved you quite a bit since the card could be less expensive by then. Maybe prices wouldn't have changed, but you still wouldn't have lost out. Any shortage would already have started if there was going to be one.

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