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More AE2

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More fiddling around on Accidental 2. I'm currently redoing the prop system, getting away from A1's sprite-based system and implementing a system of 3D modelled 'fakes'. In this system, props are simple 3D meshes that can be as simple as quads or planes aligned to wall, floor, roof, or arbitrary axis alignment; or as complex as fully vertex-animated meshes, and texture animation is supported. Lighting of props is a little more elaborate, since each vertex of the mesh draws light value from the closest mesh point in the lit map, rather than lighting the entire object from one point in the map based on it's sprite location. This allows larger props covering more territory, without the weirdness of lighting that the old system had.

However, due to the intermediate condition of the new prop code, nothing to show yet but this bare screenshot showing (a little bit) how much more flexible the vertex-based blending and lighting is compared to the old way. I know, I know... it's nothing you haven't seen before. But, hey... what can you do?

Old n' busted:

New hotness:

I don't have any 'cool' props done in the new style, so I'm ashamed to show any shots with the placeholder programmer art I currently have. [grin]

And holy hell is it ever raining and blowing outside right now. [wow]
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That looks pretty cool man. It's a autumn like 48 degrees here right now. Quite pleasant. I have given up alcohol, this time I mean it, I'm a new man! Well, at least until Thursday. Did you read the prologue for KOD yet? Have a good one Bro.

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