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Will F


Did some work for someone's website today - not something I do all that often. Though i'm thinking about actually putting some effort into finding some HTML, PHP, my/postgre SQL, etc. work just to get some money coming in.

Anyways, I needed to map some links to different parts of an image. Got everything up and running smoothly until I tested it for compatibility with Internet Explorer (I use Firefox).

Annoyingly IE doesn't support the shape="default" attribute of the tag in the W3C HTML recommendation - meaning that it didn't work properly in IE.
I fixed it with a work around, but it's a pain that you have to test everything with at least Firefox and IE to make sure everything that should work actually does.
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It's things like that that make me want IE7 to be released soon. I think the population of Windows users that arent using XPSP2 might be small enough now to justify having them deal with a (hopefully) graceful page degradation.

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I'd just manually split the image up into different images and then just use standard HTML IMG and A tags to put together the entire image.

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I'm not sure IE7 will do much to fix this. The shape=default attribute has been part of HTML for years. Oh well.

As for splitting up the image, not a bad idea but some of the links aren't rectangular, so shape=polygon and then defining the polygon makes life easier.

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