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Just a coincidence

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So I got the ECM software on my car updated today, and the dealer threw in a free carwash. Of course it starts to rain.

And it's no longer OS X that's pissing me off. Now it's probably either binutils or gcc thats doing it. But who knows, it could still be OS X. I really don't want to do a canadian cross, but it looks like I may have to.
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A canadian cross is when you build a cross compiler that runs on platform A that targets platform B on platform C. For example, I want to build a cross compiler that I can run on i686-pc-cygwin that compiles code for powerpc-apple-darwin, but I build the cross compiler on i686-pc-linux.

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You have electronic countermeasures in your car?

Does this mean my heat-seeking missiles won't target you properly anymore?

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