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Butterfly #231

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Okay, WTF, why the hell is capn_mightnight suspended?

While you're pondering that, here's some weird things people asked if we sold today in the store:
  • Bosc's (man bras)
  • A waterproof toaster?!
  • White noise generator (uhh... radio?)
  • 5-gallon water jugs (filled)
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Post a link or something to or whatever so I can remote link crap and provide a link. Otherwise you'll get an archwizard ad and you don't want that.

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It couldn't have been THE big red button. He must have fallen on A big red button.

Speaking of buttons, does the IP ban feature allow wildcards? If so, someone should write in a button that bans *.*.*.* so we can have a _REAL_ big red button instead of jibberjabbering about it.

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Mushu, that's even worse then the multi-ban washu wants for #gamedev. :D

White noise generator I've seen, sell them at places like brookstone ($50 usd for something that make sounds like a rainforest)
5 gallon jugs are the size taken by normal office water coolers. Typically people setup weekly/biweekly deliveries where some guy who carriers giant bottles of water comes in and drops some on the floor.

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The first two still take the caek. I mean, a WATERPROOF toaster? What the hell are you going to do with that, make toast while taking a bath?? :P

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This person probably wants to reduce the possibility of assassination by means of electrocution in the bathtub. To be fair, being found dead in the bathtub is pretty embarrassing on several levels. Most of these levels have a tough boss at the end and that's not good either.

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