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I'm feeling like I'm reaching a 'crisis point' in a way. My day job as a developer has pretty much sapped my enjoyment of recreational coding. My 'career' is currently displeasing me. I'm in the position now where I just don't know what I want to be doing. I fell into this database development role because I cam capable, not necessarily because I enjoy it. But now, I'm wondering if a job coding would be right for me at all. Most of my previous external activities were computer-based, with me loving game programming and writing little bits of code here and there. Don't get me wrong, I still do love it but being a programmer by day has sapped any motivation to code in my spare time.

Time to really rethink the life situation methinks, figure out what the hell I want to do and why, not just let myself get swept along. I'm taking the break I promised I would before the 4E4 kicked in. And yes, this means I won't be finishing the game in time for the contest [sad].

Take it easy my friends, I'll see you in a couple of months... And good luck with the coding ventures ;)

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Nooo!!! You can't leave us all alone evolutional!! [bawling]

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Good luck working things out, and may you come out the better/stronger/happier person at the other end [grin]


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I know this feeling. It comes down to doing things that make you happy, and doing things to support yourself finacially. They are not always the same.

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