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An Ode to FMOD

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Stephen R


I decided to get the sound and music up and running today, since neither are very hard in this game - a central resevoire of sound effects to be played by index, and only one music stream at a time. I've used FMOD before in the past, but I'd forgotten how amazingly nice it was. Yup, FMOD rocks.

So here is the complete list of tasks that have to be done before nanodude is finished:

  • Add all the sound effects/music to the game (the sound code is in place and tested but the actual sounds have yet to be put into the game)
  • Highscore board. (ATM I only have a single highscore.)
  • Instructions screen.
  • In-game menu.
  • Improve how the zombies look.
  • Improve in-game GUI.
  • Insane amounts of number tweaking.

Not that bad really. I might get one or two of them done tonight after I get back from work. Probably a few of the more basic menus since they require almost no work and it'll get them off the list.

Ahh, this is the best part of making a game. Every little change has an immediate and noticable effect on the game. And you are so close to the end you can almost taste it.
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The license isn't that bad as long as you don't indend to sell your software, which I don't. Well I intend to start selling games, but Nanodude is a bit too bedroom-gamey to be really saleable.

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