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it's time to come and play with the Tweenies

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Yet another David-free blog-post.

Thanks for the feedback on the tweening classes. The problem I found with 'em is the problem I've found with other neat effects. If you test out the effect in just one spot, and it looks great, it suddenly makes the rest of your game look sloppy in comparison, so you've gotta expand the effect.

(okay, maybe one mention of David. My pal Terri The Perky Goth figured out who I was talking about, googled for him, and found some funny web pages he made. Marveling at him, she made up a poem here. She's a member of a couple of local pagan groups, and newbie pagans by and large tend to come up with similarly off-the-wall beliefs, detailed in the poem-that-inspired-hers here. Add her blog to your blog-feed. She's good people, as you can probably see.)

Anyway, you've gotta be judicious as to when to use the effect or else it just gets gratuitous. Witness the "opening screen wipe" effect used about 6,000 times in the Battlefield Earth movie. I remember seeing the movie with some pals at the local dollar-theater. About halfway through the movie, we started doing little hand-motions pretending that we were opening the screen.

Anyway, you've gotta know where the effect is effective and when you're pushing the boundaries of taste, and that's always a tough tightrope to walk.
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uhmmm... I'm not going to talk about David anymore...

"You must have a postmortem baptism in liquid Nitrogen" - WTF?

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