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Almost done

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So.. all these hundreds of hours of work are finally coming to an end.

Tomorrow I have to go to Ministry of Education for the meeting where they will discuss the deal and stuff (I stay clear of that part and leave it to the sales people) and then have a tech review where they ask all kinds of weird questions about the software, security, technology, and other crap. The sales guy who's going with me has pretty much no idea what the whole LMS and LOR [1] are like, so I will have to do the work there, but that's pretty much it.

The rest is going to be this other sales person from Bell who will be there because they're partnering with us for a bilingual call centre for 300,000 people, and another guy from a hosting company who will provide the servers and connection for the whole system.

Business of software is kind of yucky, but you gotta do it.

Also, I would like to re-iterate this for the few people who have PM'd me: I am not a girl.

[1] LMS = Learning Management System
LOR = Learning Object Repository
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I was under the impression there was nudity in this journal. Was I mistaken, or is it hidden?

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Hey pouya, can you resent my TAPASS. I forget sometimes.
also its jamie if you didn't figure that out.
and why is there no RSS feed? Gosh.

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