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Nothin' huge tonight, but it's kinda nice to see results. I cooked up save/load logic for the editor. I also somehow managed to sneak in a good solid hour+ of guildwars. AND I'm getting to bed before 11 PM...remember I have a child who'll wake me up at 6:30, so 11 is pretty much the end of the road for me :P

Now that I can create the basic 'shape' of a level, I'd like to move over to the actual game side of things and get the basics working over there. This involves

-ball 'physics'
-paddle input/movement
-block collision detection
-end of level detection
-ball out-of-bounds detection

After that's in place then I'll go back to the editor to add all the cool 'powerups' that actually make the game actually interesting :)
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