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Butterfly #233

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    If a chick places her boobs where you happen to be staring (spacing out) in the breakroom of your workplace, its still considered sexual harassment... How was I supposed to know I was staring at her well-formed breasts?!

So, yeah. There was a big storm today, and the administration figured the power would go down. So they announce it over the walkie system "we're expecting the power to go down, check to see if you have a flashlight in your area"

I'm like "wtf emergency power system?" because a place like this fucking has to have one - if the power goes down the EPS will kick in before I even have the chance to fumble around with a flashlight and accidently grab some boobies turn it on.

Unsuprisingly, the power did go out, but the EPS came on so fast I doubt anyone noticed anything beyond "hey, a light just flickered". Whatever, people...

And I'm still taking ad request applications, if anyone is interested.
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I know how you feel man, you don't know how many times I have been zoneing out in a class, looking at the floor, when some girl sits on the chair above said floor, resulting in either: A *SLAP* or B *The Evil Eye*. (If you're really lucky, you might even get the *Glad Someone Looks At Me* smile)

Anyways, I'd like for you to advertise for Angels 20 later, but I'm not ready yet, I'll let you know.

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I normally get the evil eye. Girls who tend to give the "wow, someone noticed me" usually aren't all that good looking (at least the ones that give me that look).

So yeah. This one in particular just gave me a dirty (mean dirty, not the "I want to have sex in the copy room right now" dirty) look, bought a soda, and stomped off.

She did have nice bewbs though [grin]

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The funny/sad thing about that is if she wanted to, she could probably have you in as much trouble as she felt like just by saying something [oh]

The classic "Your word against mine" problem [rolleyes]

One company I worked at showed us a corporate video that basically said they *had to* fire you on the spot if a formal complaint was submitted. Made for a bit of a dangerous workplace - the biggest threat was that someone would go fill in a false application and, well, "bye bye" the target [oh]


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CMON. She put her boobs in front of my eyes. It wasn't my fault [sad]

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