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First Post, whats all this Journal stuff anyway?

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Hey, just subbed up to GDNet with some random money I found in my Paypal account so might as well make use of all the features!

So, I guess the point of a Dev Journal should be to chart my development of stuff. That said I spose it will end in a series of rants about whatever piece of code/art/thing is annoying me today.

To start with I guess its a case of introducing myself. I'm Charles, 23 years old and a programmer working for a company called Caveman Arts based in Dundee, Scotland. We are currently developing isometric racing games in J2ME for mobile devices.

Other than that I like to read, do a fair number of 'adventure' sports, drink and argue.
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Hey welcome.

I cant stand it when people use these journals to rant about whatever. Grow up. I don't care what you don't like. I'd rather you post something helpful, funny, or informative. I hope you enjoyed the irony of my statements.

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Hey, welcome aboard!...don't give away tooooo many secrets now! [wink]

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Well I don't want to grow up and ranting makes me feel better about it. Guess you won't be reading it too often. Oh the irony of ranting about rants.


Cheers evelyn.

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Oh I thought you liked arguing.. I'm sorry. Here are some points. I read them all.

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Hey there, and welcome to journal land! Rate++ to begin with. Post screenshots alot, write mostly about progress on your project, and you'll get plenty of readers.

Oh, and get yourself an avatar!

[EDIT: Jesus, you got one within 3 minutes of me asking...]


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Actually I was doing it as you typed. ;)

I do like arguing, hence the reply.

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